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Benefits of Home Staging in Brampton


Home staging is a practical first step to selling any home. Once a concept reserved for the luxury home market, home staging has become a popular tactic amongst homeowners seeking to sell their properties quickly and earn more money. It has since become one of the fastest-growing trends in the modern residential real estate market. The cost of staging a home is relatively small, especially in comparison to the value it can add to the selling price. Below, we’ll go over the benefits of home staging and how it is helping homeowners in Brampton get the most value out of their homes.

What is Home Staging?
Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate market. It is the design process of de-personalizing a home by re-arranging, de-cluttering, and improving certain aspects of the home.  The art of staging involves creating a space that reflects a lifestyle that people want to have. It is recommended to spend about 1% of the asking price of the home on staging.

How Does It Help?
The goal of home staging is to make the home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, allowing it to sell quickly and for the highest value. People may use art, paintings, lights, greenery, carpets, or other accessories to stage a home. While staging is focused on improving certain aspects of the home, it does not call for major renovations. It is meant to give potential buyers the ability to visualize the space as their own, giving them a better first impression of the home.

What Does it Involve?

Home staging starts by rearranging and de-cluttering spaces to give the home a more universal appeal. Often times, family photos and any personal belongings are removed from the home. Closets and cupboards are kept half-empty. Minor improvements and repairs are made to the house that can add value to the overall asking price. Homeowners often repaint the home and decorate it in a neutral fashion.

Why Not Just Leave Rooms Empty?

Staging and repurposing the space before making your home available for sale can help attract more buyers and help them focus on the positive aspects of your home. A vacant home seems cold and impersonal. Empty rooms make it difficult for prospective buyers to feel the amount of space available in a room. It can be hard to envision layouts or know if furniture will fit in an allotted space, and if buyer’s are unsure, they will be hesitant to put in an offer.

Home staging is a reasonable investment that can add value to the selling price of your home. Don’t leave your space empty when trying to attract buyers. Homeowners have already seen the benefits of home staging in Brampton and across the GTA. The real estate market is red hot and listings are already flying off of the board. Home staging is helping homeowners and
REALTORS®sell homes quickly and effectively by accentuating its attractive features and minimizing its flaws. Before you open your home up to buyers, be sure to reconfigure the space and prepare it for sale by home staging.